Mobile Wifi on your tour bus a must have!

By February 6, 2014Uncategorized
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So what is ‘Mobile Wifi’ you may ask? Well, It’s a 3G handheld device which provides you with wireless internet access anywhere! It works just like any other Wi-Fi hotspot – but it’s personal and fits in your pocket. This makes it ideal for those who are on the move and urgently need to send an email or browse for something on the internet.

The rise of the smartphone and our increasing reliance on laptops and tablets, not to mention cloud-based software applications that need an internet connection to work, means many of us find ourselves hostages to high wifi and roaming charges.

Personal wifi devices are not new – various network operators offer them for domestic use – but this is aimed at those travelling, especially overseas, allowing you to connect up to five devices in any of the countries supported by the company for the same flat rate. They also provide prepaid smartphones.

There are now several service providers offering ‘Mobile Wifi’ devices with their respective data plans. At MM Band Services we use Tep Wireless and all of our buses are fitted with their devices.

Tomas Mendoza is the founder of Tep Wireless. He says he got the idea while travelling around south east Asia with his girlfriend, after leaving the hedge fund industry.

“Throughout the trip we realised how difficult it was to remain connected, and how being connected was very, very valuable.

“My mother, she’s 50, she doesn’t know where the sim card is in the phone. Going to another country, finding a sim card, unlocking the phone, it’s something she’ll never do.”

When travelling, many people rely on the fact that that their hotel or destination will have wifi. There are certain chains that do offer wifi access for free but they’re definitely in the minority. The majority of hotels still charge for access.

At MM Band Services we think ‘Mobile Wifi’ devices are a great idea. They are perfect for providing you with wireless internet access whether you are in the Uk or traveling across Europe and beyond.