Mobile Wifi on your tour bus a must have!

By February 6, 2014Uncategorized

Fleettec Mobile Wifi

Our equipment uses a minimum of two external antennas per internet service plus at least two antennas for the Wi-Fi service. As signal strength is directly related to internet speed it is important that good signal strength is available both to the bus or coach and then Wi-Fi to the passengers. Now to really impress and have the fastest Wi-Fi for your bus and coaches we make use of LTE network technology which has far greater speed than conventional 3G or 4G services.

There are now several service providers offering ‘Mobile Wifi’ devices with their respective data plans. At MM Band Services we use Fleettec Wireless and all of our buses are fitted with their devices.

When travelling, many people rely on the fact that that their hotel or destination will have wifi. There are certain chains that do offer wifi access for free but they’re definitely in the minority. The majority of hotels still charge for access.

At MM Band Services we think ‘Mobile Wifi’ devices are a great idea. They are perfect for providing you with wireless internet access whether you are in the Uk or traveling across Europe and beyond.