All European tour operators are restricted by driver’s hour’s regulations that are enforced by police Europe-wide. For the purposes of most tours the rules are quite simple.

A driver is working from the time the tachograph is inserted and has 15 hours in which to complete his daily duties including any driving.

He can drive 9 hours a day in periods that are no greater than 4.5 hrs. Once 4.5hrs have been driven then 45 mins of rest must be taken.

Twice in a week the driver may drive a total of 10 hrs.

After 6 days the driver must have a weekly break of 45 hrs, which can be reduces to 24hrs for convenience, however this reduction of time must be added onto the next weekly rest of 45hrs.

For most tours the rules work out well, but if there are long drives then double manning may be required.

We will offer you the best solutions to planning your tour whilst staying within the regulations.

The 15 hours working period can sometimes cause a problem when hotel pick ups are required by the client and a longish drive has to be done after load out as the driver may run out of time.

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